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Some error messages using the executable


Hi, just tried the executable project and I get this warning: "The referenced component 'NeonMika.Webserver' could not be found."

I also get this error: "Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:NetduinoPlus". My Netduino is currently working fine with other projects.

Netduino firmware version:

Thanks for any help, really want this to work! :)

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NeonMika wrote May 23, 2013 at 11:51 PM

You cannot use the executeable as it is. I suggest you to reference to the NeonMika.Webserver project, not binary.
Then go to the project settings and change the Target Device to your Netduino, "USB:NetduinoPlus" is my netduinos name.
If you need further help changing the target device please head to the netduino forum, the people there are great :)
Please give me feedback if you got it working.

Greets Markus